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Amway Protein Powder Flipkart offers. Buy online at low prices with COD options and free delivery. Discounts up to 40% off on regular price. Stay healthy with the perfect amount of Food nutrition. Following a healthy diet strengthen body, from head to toe.

Amway Nutrilite all plant protein powder Plant-Based Protein(500 g, Unflavoured)

MRP: Rs.2300 Deal Price:Rs.1669

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Amway Nutrilite all plant protein powder Plant-Based Protein(500 g, Unflavoured)

MRP: Rs.989  Deal Price:Rs.764

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Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega 3(60 No)

MRP: Rs.1449  Deal Price:Rs.990

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Amway Biotin Cherry plus(60 No)

MRP: Rs.627  Deal Price:Rs.473

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Amway (100 No)

MRP: Rs.3009  Deal Price:Rs.2253

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Amway NUTRILITE® Kids Chewable Iron(100 No)

MRP: Rs.729  Deal Price:Rs.536

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Amway Nutrilite all plant protein powder Plant-Based Protein(1000 g, Unflavoured)

MRP: Rs.4019  Deal Price:Rs.2579

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Amway Nutrilite Protein with green tea Plant-Based Protein(500 g, Green Tea)

MRP: Rs.2275 Deal Price:Rs.2125

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Amway Soy Protein(500 g, Soy and Milk)

Deal Price:Rs.2125

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Amway Nutrilite Hair Skin and nails(60 No)

MRP: Rs.627  Deal Price:Rs.574

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Amway Nutrilite Daily(60 No)

MRP: Rs.1309 Deal Price:Rs.1070

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Amway Nutrilite kids chewable natural C(100 No)

MRP: Rs.1679 Deal Price:Rs.1590

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Amway Nutrilite Daily(120 No)

MRP: Rs.2229 Deal Price:Rs.1540

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Amway Nutrilite Tri-Iron Folic(90 No)

MRP: Rs.947 Deal Price:Rs.850

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Tips for Healthy Food Nutrition Diets:

The most important thing when it comes to being Health conscious is to avoid unhealthy foods like fried items, too much of sodium, refined grains such as white rice and sugar to list a few. Deficiency of nutrients would result in stunted growth, digestion issues and skin problems.

For the elderly people and mothers-to-be, it is recommended to include foods with more vitamin D, iron and calcium. As per diet experts, the six main source of nutritions are proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and water.

You should be consuming the right amount of calories based on your lifestyle and your energy levels. As per experts, men should consume at least 2500 calories and for women it is around 2000 per day. For bone strength, consider including food such as fish in your diet.

Types of Nutrients:

There are two type of nutrients: macro nutrients and micro-nutrients. Micro-nutrients need to consumed in small quantities, whereas macro nutrients can be consumed in large quantities such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Recommended Healthy Foods: 

Vegetable and fruits provide more nutrients and less quantity of fats. Diet should include veggies like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, bell peppers, beans, etc. Consider fruits like apples, plum, papayas, mangoes to list a few.

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