Reliance Jio New Plans : Rs.349 & Rs.399 Plan details

Reliance Jio new plans are out replacing the old plan announced under Dhana Dhan offer earlier. New plans offers similar data benefits, however, with less days of validity. As with outgoing plans, these plans are available only for Prime members.

Reliance Jio New Plans Rs.349 & Rs.399 Plan details

New Plans:

Rs.399 Plan

With Rs.399 recharge, Jio offers 1 GB data per day for 84 days ( almost 3 months ) to Prime subscribers. This is similar to the earlier Rs.309 recharge benefits.

Rs.349 Plan

Under this new plan users get 20GB of data for 56 days ( almost 2 months ) without any capping on per day limits.

Rs.999 Plan & other Premium plans

This premium plan now offers additional data and validity. It now provides 90 GB of data for 90 Days, that is an additional 30 GB data and 30 days more validity than the existing plan.

Similarly, Rs 1,999 plan has been made valid for 120 days, and the data cap from the previous limit of 125 GB has been raised to 155 GB.

The Rs 4,999 plan will now provide 380 GB data, a 30 GB increase from its previous limit of 350 GB  over a period of 210 days.

The highest premium Jio plan, priced at Rs 9,999, now provides 780 GB of data over a period of 1 year and 25 days.


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