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BEARDHOOD Green Tea Cleansing Mask Stick for Face | For Blackheads, Whiteheads,

Beardhood Green Tea Face Cleansing Mask effectively clean skin pores, prevents acne, provides intense hydration and clears skin tone. Green Tea for your skin: Adding green tea extract to your skin care regime gives multiple skin benefits. Infused in a clay mask it effectively unclog and deep cleanse your skin pores, reduces sebum(oil) production and fights off dullness leaving behind an acne-free skin with a long lasting glow. Kaolin Clay For Exfoliation: One of the gentlest facial clays, Kaolin is an excellent exfoliator and a natural cleanser. It has excellent healing properties that help soothe any type of skin redness or irritation. Healthy moisturized skin: Take care of your skin's moisturizing needs with Hyaluronic acid. Continued topical application provides deep and intense hydration by binding water to the skin cells for long-lasting plumping effects. Gets quickly absorbed by the skin and exhibits remarkable anti-aging, face rejuvenating properties. Zero Toxin and Vegan -This cruelty-free green tea face mask stick is a zero-toxin product. Thoughtfully created with nature-derived toxin-free ingredients to protect your skin from any damage.Easy to use : Green Mask Stick is an extremely easy to carry, easy to use product. Just wash your face, roll it up, apply, leave for about 10 mins, and wash it off. The smooth texture of the stick makes masking-on-the-go easier than ever. Suits All Skin Types: The chemical free Green Tea face mask stick is recommended for all types of skin to use it anytime, anywhere.