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Yardley London English Lavender Deodorant Roll-on - For Women

For the die hard lover of hills and mountains, rivers and canoes, forests and campfires, Yardley London brings a classic original fragrance in the form of the Yardley Adventure. The Yardley Adventure Deo Spray was conceived for the man who feels an inner proximity to nature and a perpetual willingness to set out on adventures to explore the unexplored. The elegant composition is a medley of enticing, exotic aromatic notes that blend in harmoniously to tease and titillate the senses and revitalize the spirits. The energy and vivacity of this delightful Yardley mass premium body spray provides round-the-clock protection against sweat and offensive body odour problems, especially following vigorous physical activities. Get re-energized and refreshed with this classy, natural fragrance from Yardley and feel ever-ready to walk out of home in search of new excitement and adventure